Immigrants & Latin Community helper
    Válido por 1 semana
    • Documentation & Application check up
    • 1 hour of consultation during one week
    • Information todo it yourself with Latin Lawyer at your side
    • we help to prepare your file for application
    • more accurate than any immigration consultant
    • all info about Provincial and Federal programs
    • help you gathering the correct docs

    Todo mês
    Retail & Start Ups.
    Válido por 12 meses
    • * 10' monthly meeting at your business (Metro, N & W Vanc)
    • * 15' weekly strategic session on video call
    • * Available general toolkits and templates
    • * 5 hours/month of legal advise and/or contract prep in:
    • a.Commercial/financial contract reviewing or negotiation
    • b.Commerce & e-commerce preparation
    • c.Non compete/ non disclosure/non soliciting agreements
    • d.Employment standards preparation
    • agreements
    • e.IP strategic counseling (not registering)
    • f.International finance for small business
    • g.Corporate prep/drafting
    • h.Franchising
    • monthly hours, disbursements, extra charges report emailed
    • note: extra hours $ 360ea/ it is a yearly plan for $19.800
    • sale taxes not included

    Legal E-retail customization
    Válido por 1 mês
    • Check your website legality and regulations conformity
    • Discuss and Prepare customized Privacy rules
    • Discuss and Prepare customized Terms & Conditions
    • Discuss your online taxation
    • Discuss and Prepare online Shipping rules
    • Discuss the global of your online business
    • Discuss applicable anti-spam and emailing policy
    • Discuss applicablemonetization and advertisement regulations

    Todo mês
    Infringement claims, copyright protection, Youtube Strikes
    Válido por 12 meses
    • investigate potential infringments
    • protect photo, video, IP, domains, music, etc
    • bundle pricing for photographers, videographers, youtubers,
    • protect coding, domains, copyrights on the internet
    • negotiate strikes, claims, notice of claims, settle disputes
    • disbursements and taxes not included.
    • bundle for 50 works from the same creator
    • valid under Canadian law, ask about US, Latam & Europe

    define applicable regulatory rules to your industry
    Válido por 3 meses
    • Customized legal report of applicable regulations
    • legal research about applicable case law
    • Localization: exam compliance in specific markets
    • Pay with delivery and conformity, disbursements not included
    • Explain compliance report in front of officers, shareholders
    • Presentations of regulatory updates in industry events
    • transportation, fintech, cannabis, healthcare industries
    • investigate trading, financial, business, privacy conducts
    • monitoring energy, resources, mobile, competition
    • explore potential remedies and recommend strategies

    Starting price for a new service in British Columbia.
    • Prepare your will online
    • Review your will online
    • Legal assistance online for wills and estate planning
    • Safe digital storage for your will.
    • Effective digital witnessing for your witnesses